Am so tired yesterdae since backie from Malacca. The journey from da check pt to Melacca was wae too long ya!!! It took baby ard freaking 2 hours to rich ya. By da time when baby riched malacca, half of da pretrol oil was gone but aiight, oil there was hell cheap ya. *winkx*

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Submitted by Ice

28 thoughts on “Vanggie

  1. look at her eyes! nice nice nice. a very natural lady i can say. doesnt put a fake front.

  2. your english is suck, the look is not hot enough. you are so ordinary, why are you being chosen.
    The owner of this blog must have blinded folded

  3. gosh. why do people fancy singaporean ah lians? there are so much more better looking and more demure girls out there in singapore.

  4. you are the ulglgiest girl i ever seen you are so skinny and you are ulgly i felt like i needed to tel to that do you eat at home

  5. you keep saying ‘ya’. it’s irritating. i kno its singlish, but your like: hi ya. how are you? im fine ya. i know ya. im going out ya. ok bye ya. -_- try minimising them okay ;)

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