80 thoughts on “Angelababy

  1. Hi i wish you could meet my brother hes 18 and he really cool but we live in the US but it would be so cool to meet you!!!

  2. heyy sup you are pretty good looking if you ever get a chance to
    come to the US come meet my bro hes really cool hes about your age and hes lookin for a girlfriend i bet hed think your really pretty.

    have a great holloween anegla bye!

  3. Angela is so much hotter than Dawn. Dawn is a total fake, lying liar. She looked like a monster before she went under the knife. Angela, on the other hand, is all hot and natural.

  4. no way dawn is not naturally pretty and this girl does not have weird features like that dawn yang.

  5. I like her better than dawn yang. not trying to create a conflict though. she just looks more natural and adorable. i like her writing as well. reflects a cute personality.

  6. u are very pretty and cute but u look more (philapean) not chinese but dam u cute if u have a myspace look for me. im 17 and looking for models

  7. Angela your a (GORGEOUS)woman,I hope your just as pretty in the inside as you are on the outside.Alot of girls forget that,it does’nt matter how pretty you are.It matters whats in the heart to.Stay humble and real for life.


    YOUR FRIEND:Clinton

  8. Dont really know how I got on this Website but I’m glad I did. Angela if you ever get a chance please mail me. I might live In the U.S. but that won’t stop from metting you Im not a prince but close enough. Got it takes to make you feel like an angel that you are.

  9. dawn yang is prettier than angelababy? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. angelababy is like a goddess while dawn is just a plastic barbie wannabe. eewwww.

  10. wat up baby what you doing baby do have a boy freind you is so fine to me baby when you coming down to jackson tn i what to see you and i what to be your boy freind…………..

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