Hehehe… I was just too bored from doing tute work. It’s so painful and longggg… Gosh, I so see myself dying during the tute tomorrow! Argghhh… I needed some digression. Some sorta “minor” distraction.


Submitted by Jeremy

46 thoughts on “Mei

  1. Yeah, I agree! She seems to have it all. Most importantly, I don’t think she is just beauty without brains. She’s got my vote for sure.

  2. I think she’s pretty. Very sweet looking girl. Way to go. Keep up the good work on the blog.

  3. When is the March competition starting? :)

    You go, girl! I like your style of writing (the poetry). Really touches me.

  4. I dont think all are… cause I’ve read some generics ones as well. some are quite genuine. But I dunno… They kinda speak of her experience.

  5. I don’t really care if they’re written by her. I just go to look at pictures of her. Hahahahaha

    You girls are so particular bout trivial stuff.

  6. woohoo…i wanna vote for mei!! =)) when’s the march competition starting? this girl writes beautifully…some of her posts are extremely insightful! do go read her site!!!

  7. mei= beauty n brain + very friendly too, she’s d best!!! vote for her !!! :)

  8. Gonna vote for Mei. She is the only girl I know of all these girls nominated. Go ML, go…

  9. wahahaha i got out of maple just to vote for her. see how significant she is. anyways, vote for mei. knew her irl, read her blog. great, on and off (line, i mean) ^^ all the best

  10. Thank you all, for being so supportive… *BIG hug* and ade, just to clear the air, some of the poems were not written by me… but most of them are :) some of them might not be fantastic or anythig, but they really reflect my feelings. Summ3r, thanks for understanding! :) Love you guys heaps…

  11. dont get me wrong mei, i think that your a sexy,sweet good looking girl,and i would like to know you

  12. A very sweet and sophisticated girl, who deserves nothing but the best in life.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work, gorgeous!

  13. OH. she’s a medicine student. going to be doctor. I dont mind seeing her if i get sick. got beauty and brains.

  14. Mei, you’re truly a gorgeous and sweet girl. with a nice personalirty, and I’m sure you have the brains to match your beauty too.

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