Erin Tan

Erin Tan
True beauty means nothing when it comes with a shallow and empty heart. Beauty isn’t only skin deep..True beauty shines from the heart that has courage, honesty, intergrity and above all, a kind and loving heart..
Like a eclipse, she’s a rare one. But at the same time being just like every other girl a shopaholic and a pink fetish.


Submitted by Kel Li

21 thoughts on “Erin Tan

  1. Omg!!! you is damn chun laaaaaaa! Erin Tan, I love you very much!!! Can I knoe u better… we go yam cha yamcha one day… I got nice car.. can take u go ‘hang gai’… can send me your phone number? pls pls pls pls pls

  2. yes…a lovely thought for one so young. shows a maturity beyond her tender age. defintely cast a shadow over dawn

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  4. i like her lips the most…maybe the next best after angelina jolie…to Erin’s boyfriend, this is a complement…not an effort to flirt your girl….(i heard someone said having a pretty girlfriend is an headache..everyone will look and try to have her)

  5. So my guess is that you are normal. We all love girls that shops and like the color pink. It tell us that this girl is a true girl and love being a girl. bravo pinkish…. no headache for having a pretty girlfriend like you.

  6. Hi Erin! you’re such a woman I dreamin of… how and where do we personally meet?I swear your pic is always on mind!But how…?Where…?

  7. gwe are seriou in yo beauty? the am seeing things it is like you dont apply any cosmetic on yo face so pliz over ma advice becoz u wiill not be taken over ma dear

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